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Rolla Bolla

Experience the Rolla Bolla Thrill

Welcome to the electrifying world of Rolla Bolla – gravity-defying feats and breathtaking performances that are redefining halftime entertainment!


Get to know

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Meet Simon Arestov & Lyric

Meet Alexander

America's Youngest Halftime Performer

Prepare to be mesmerized by the dynamic duo behind Rolla Bolla's awe-inspiring performances. With unmatched skill and precision, Simon and Lyric defy gravity atop towering stacks of cylinders, captivating audiences with their seamless balance and daring tricks.

At just 6 years old, Alexander is already a sensation in the world of entertainment. From his debut at 19 months old with the New York Knicks to nationwide acclaim on Ellen, The Daily Show, and beyond, Alex brings boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm to every show.

Rolla Bolla Alexander
Wooden Basketball Court Floor


Watch the Rolla Bolla

Rolla Bolla

"Rolla Bolla's performance left us speechless! The energy, the skill, the sheer excitement – it was simply unforgettable."

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