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Rolla Bolla

Welcome to the electrifying world of Rolla Bolla – the ultimate entertainment show that's redefining halftime entertainment!

Simon Arestov and Lyric have taken the world by storm with their breathtaking Rolla Bolla act, a mesmerizing performance that has become a staple at sports halftimes across the country. Their seamless balance and daring tricks atop a towering stack of cylinders defy gravity and captivate audiences of all ages. With unparalleled coordination and a unique blend of athleticism and artistry, Simon and Lyric's Rolla Bolla act is a true testament to their extraordinary talents, earning them international recognition and applause as they continue to leave spectators in awe at every halftime show.


Also joining the act is 6-year-old Alexander, who is “America's Youngest Halftime Performer”!
Making his debut at just 19 months old for the New York Knicks, Alex has performed all around the country with his parents and has been featured by Ellen, Trevor Noah of the Daily Show, and The New York Times.
He brings the fun and energy to every performance and is a big hit with audiences!

Wooden Basketball Court Floor



Lyric Wallenda - (941) 228-5653

Simon Arestov - (786) 512-7451

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